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Going Digital 

If your looking to update your dash, you may want to check out  the latest in "glass cockpit" options. Besides saving valuable space and hours of rewiring, digital is also more reliable. Using LCD displays will give you a modern look, and offer many built in features that you can't get from the best analog gauges. These modern options offer built in audible and visual alarms, along with the ability to arrange your gauges how you prefer. Marine units are direct sunlight viewable, and most even auto-dim at night. There is tons of great options out there to fit about any budget. We will focus more on these in Tech Corner later. For now, here is a few of our own products worth checking out.

In House Designs

CAN-2-CAN Gateway We specifically developed this device to easily connect aftermarket fuel injection systems to modern plotters or gauges. Comes Plug & Play to fit your ECM setup.
  • USB Programmable Firmware Choices
  • Completely Isolates BUS Networks
  • Powerful 200Mhz 32bit ARM CPU
  • Rugged IP67 Compliant Enclosure

5 Volt Signal Isolator Another Marine Mods device specifically designed for custom rigging. This unit allows you to safely split 5v analog signals like those used by ECM's, trim, and fluid level sensors.
  • Protects Sensitive Electronics
  • Uses Optical Circuit Isolation
  • Allows Bridging Multiple Battery Banks
  • Wires Directly Into Any Harness.

OARS OARS Data Logger App This little app runs in background on newer Android devices. It records GPS and 6 Axis Accelerometer data to an SQL database. When a device running OARS is mounted to say a boat, it records all angular movement parameters, speeds, and location information. Download for free on Google Play.

MEFI-5 Expanded ECU Currently under development. This ECU mod is based on the popular GM E67 model, which offers far greater tuning potential than available in the Marine EFI version. Such as W02 and MAF fueling control. But it's gonna be a while before it's fully tested. Anyone who's currently running MEFI5 and interested in beta testing is welcome to contact us for further details.

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Our Services

We offer custom ECU tuning, specialty product design and fabrication services. Along with custom rigging advice on powertrain conversion.

  • Marine Embedded Electronics
  • Custom Wiring Harness Assemblies
  • Specialty App Development
  • EFIlive and Other ECU Tuning
  • Custom Duramax Rigging Parts

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