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Marine Mods CAN-2-CAN Gateway

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia "A Controller Area Network (CAN bus) is a vehicle bus standard designed to allow microcontrollers and devices to communicate with each other in applications without a host computer. It is a message-based protocol, designed originally for automotive applications, but is also used in many other contexts."

What Are CAN Gateways ?

The role of a CAN Gateway is to be the isolator and translator between different devices (Nodes) and/or multiple CAN bus networks. These could be computer interfaces, analog adapters, digital displays, gauges, actuators, ECM's and more. Gateways bridge the physical and data-link layer, as well as higher application layer protocols. Think of them as routers or firewalls for mobile networks.


What Makes Our Units Better ?

Marine Mods CAN-2-CAN Gateway was specifically designed to be a physical isolator and protocol translator for specialty power-train components used in performance boats. Also popular in harsh environments like off-road vehicles that require rugged water tight components. Our gateways allow CAN devices to safely communicate using different languages, speeds, and power sources. The units come pre-programed to fit each customers specific build. Diagnostics, upgrades, or protocol changes are easily made via a built in micro USB connector. We think you'll find these units not only feature packed, but also the most affordable custom gateway option on the market today.


What Protocols Are Covered ?

Our first release version in 2015 was programed to translate Holley® EFI data to NEMA2k marine chart plotters or gauges. Since then we have updated hardware, and expanded protocol options to meet customer demand. Including J1939, AEM, and high speed GMLAN, covering GM's LS and Duramax engine platforms. New options are added as requested. So if you need something special, don't hesitate to ask.

Unlike the competition, our units were designed specifically for easy installation in very custom applications. You don't need to understand programing languages or buy special adapters to make changes. A simple one click process loads the firmware updates. Below is a screenshot from testing on a Simrad NSS12 display. All data was generated with two gateways running in "demo mode". This setting is an easy way to setup your displays without wasting fuel at the dock. Once completed, switch the gateways into live data mode and your ready to go boating.

Simrad Screenshot

Common network designs, installation photos, and schematics will be available in our Tech Corner section as time permits. For now, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.


Our Services

We offer custom ECU tuning, specialty product design and fabrication services. Along with custom rigging advice on powertrain conversion.

  • Marine Embedded Electronics
  • Custom Wiring Harness Assemblies
  • Specialty App Development
  • EFIlive and Other ECU Tuning
  • Custom Duramax Rigging Parts

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C2C Gateway - Rev 2.0

HEFI Gateway
A Small Case Packing Big Power

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Hardware Features

  • ° Galvanic Isolated Transceivers
  • ° ARM Cortex-M4 processor
  • ° Ultra Low Power Consumption
  • ° Micro USB Port For Upgrades
  • ° Power and Bus Status LED's
  • ° IP67 Water Tight Enclosure
  • ° DeviceNet  Micro-C Connectors
  • ° 1 Year No Hassle Warranty

Switchable Settings

  • ° Port / Starboard Engine
  • ° Demo Mode / Live Data
  • ° 120 ohm Bus Terminators
  • ° USB Programing Mode
  • ° USB Diagnostic /  Debug Mode

N2k Output Example

  • » RPM – 10Hz Rapid Updates
  • » Boost / Vac – 10Hz Rapid Updates
  • » Fuel Pressure - 1Hz Updates
  • » Fuel Rate / GPH - 1Hz Updates
  • » Coolant Temp - 1Hz Updates
  • » Oil Pressure - 1Hz Updates
  • » TPS / Engine Load - 1Hz Updates
  • » Alternator Voltage - 1Hz Updates
  • » Drive Trim – 10Hz Rapid Updates
    via Holley Aux Input #1
  • » Trim Tabs - 1Hz Updates
    via Holley Aux Inputs #2 & #3