CANbus Gateways

Marine Mods CAN-2-CAN Gateway was specifically designed to be a physical idolator and protocol translator for specialty power-train components used in performance boats. Also popular in harsh environments like off-road vehicles that require rugged water tight components. Our gateways allow CAN devices to safely communicate using different protocols, speeds, and power sources.

Designed and built in the USA, each unit come pre-programmed to fit customers specific build. Diagnostics, upgrades, or protocol changes are easily made via built in micro USB connector. We think you’ll find these units not only feature packed, but also the most affordable custom gateway option on the market today.
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J1939 - N2k Gateway (CAN-2-CAN Gateway)
Marine Mods CAN-2-CAN J1939 Gateway converts industrial and heavy equipment CANbus protocol J1939, into NMEA2000 protocol for use with compatible gauges and multi-function displays. The J1939 gateway translates all major engine and transmission related parameters.
GMLAN - N2k Gateway (CAN-2-CAN Gateway)
Marine Mods GMLAN - N2k Gateway covers all High Speed GM CANbus protocols used on model years 2004 to 2019. Allowing OEM hardware builders the option to run NMEA2000 based MFD's or gauge sets, with just two wires on stand alone engine applications.

Rather than using a traditional OBD2 "request and reply" PID structure to gather gauge data, our code reads raw steaming data from the OEM ECM and TCM just like other GM CANbus hardware. For certain gauge parameters not inherit to a factory dash like IAT or Boost, we use Dynamic PID's to instruct the ECM to include this extra data inside the normal broadcast stream. This equals a much cleaner approach, with no delay or lag on the gauges displayed.

HS GMLAN or GM GLOBAL-A Protocol is fairly common across all GM models. However there are some slight differences in gauge related data packets between ECM hardware and OS versions. For this reason we have tried to split up the firmware configuration options based on ECM models. Please Contact Us with any compatibility questions.

Current ECM Coverage
  • E38
  • E67
  • E92
  • E94
  • E35A
  • E35B

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